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Laura's Story

Laura (far left) Laura loved traveling to Sydney for college. Here she is pictured with her close friends, her girl gang from Hillsong Sisterhood in Sydney!

Laura (far left) Laura loved traveling to Sydney for college. Here she is pictured with her close friends, her girl gang from Hillsong Sisterhood in Sydney!


Six years ago God became real to me. He revealed Himself as the lover of my soul, my confidant, and my absolute healer. He began to instill in, and reveal, to me the security and foundation of my worth in Him. Jesus became more than a name in history - He became my personal Savior, King, and greatest Friend.

God strategically lead me into a job at a socially conscious boutique during my college years that lit the fire in me for social justice through the fashion industry. As a little girl, fashion had always intrigued and overwhelmed me in the best way, and I realized that I could take part in God’s heart for the world while also beautifying it materialistically in the process.


Following my college graduation in 2014, I quickly continued on to get my Masters in Fashion Marketing in New York City, followed by an internship and job at a socially conscious fashion company until 2017. It was during this time that I found Hillsong NYC to be my home, and Colour Sisterhood to be my warrior call. After an interesting season, one of deep prayer and led by a strong God pull to leave NYC in 2016, I decided to take time to study pastoral leadership at Hillsong College in Australia.

It was over these past six years, and even more strongly so during my time at Hillsong College, that God began to reveal to me my purpose - my Kingdom call - my God call. He began to impress upon my spirit His heart for His daughters… And it was WILD, free, and purely beautiful. He declared so clearly that He, at the time of woman’s creation and by His death on the cross, spoke our value into existence with His very heart - that we were humanity’s crowing strength and ultimate helper. I was so intimately interested in God’s heart for womankind that I began to seek clarity in the scriptures and through scholars more intelligent than myself. I will never forget running across the meaning of the Hebrew word used to describe woman as "helper” in Genesis. In our Holy Scriptures, this word “ezer” is almost always used to describe God Himself; other times, it's used to describe military help (such as reinforcements), which without a battle would be lost. It is here, with this word, we find the first stunning way God has described woman in His image…

You see, it is clear that ezer isn't a term of lesser strength, value or purpose, but one that declares that without woman humanity would be incomplete and vulnerable in the worst way. We as woman weren’t made as a valueless servant, but rather an invaluable solution.

As mentioned earlier, these years of revelation of Jesus’ personal love for me as Laura, but also as a woman, empowered me to embody this beautiful declaration about my gender. I decided that I would be exactly who He said I was, and am, - an ezer… humanity’s ezer, His ezer… In the bringing of something meaningful in the fashion industry, in the bringing on His glorious kingdom. And that I would do more than just be this ezer, but empower other women to be as well.

I realized that through my heart for social entrepreneurship and interest with fashion, I would be able to step onto His stage in the world as a woman in business - one that could show the heart of our God to a broken world, while also contributing to the marketplace, influencing and empowering the women producing and receiving this wearable art we call clothes.

Upon my return to NYC in 2018, Lisa Mayer (the lovely founder of My Social Canvas) reached out to me. Little did we know, this connection would be a divine one that would inspire both us, and others, to truly design the life they love. Through many conversations which revealed our united hearts and visions for God’s girls and His kingdom, we decided to join forces and together empower women across the world to lives their best life. Although I know the paragraphs are many, this is only a glimpse of what has transpired and has led us here to this letter that you are now reading. We are so excited to share God’s heart for His women with you, and to truly see God be the “wind in her sails”.