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The Eat A Rainbow Collection was born through our partnership with the Northeast Region of Whole Foods Market! We love the work of Whole Foods Market's Whole Kids Foundation and their commitment to providing school salad bar grants around the nation. 

A salad bar at school means kids have the choice of fresh vegetables and fruit for lunch 175 days each year. Through key partnerships, Whole Kids Foundation has developed the Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools grant program, which has already raised $6 million and delivered thousands of salad bars, serving more than a million children. Pick up a tote bag or lunch bag designed with the intention to teach kids that bright and colorful salads packed with fruits and veggies are healthy and delicious! It is our goal that this "Eat a Rainbow" concept will inspire kids and families to create their own healthy rainbow salads. This idea was inspired by seven year old Jimmy T. who said, "Rainbows make people happy! Eating foods that are bright and colorful make us healthy. Eat a rainbow everyday!" 

By purchasing this collection from your local Whole Foods Market in the Northeast Region, you will be supporting Whole Kids Foundation as they provide access to healthy salads for kids all over the nation. Not located in the northeast? That's ok! Support this cause online by purchasing a bagLearn more about the kid that inspired this collection and the designer that brought the design to life!