Design the Life You Love Role Model: Nicole Michelle


Follow Nicole Michelle as she designs the life + career she loves.


MSC: How do you design the life you love?

Nicole: I personally design the life I love by working hard every day to achieve my dreams and refusing to give up. I have a passion for music and creating. I want to be able to embrace my emotions and help others feel that emotion through my music. You should always have goals to work towards and find happiness in what you achieve. To me, designing the life you love means that I get to choose who I want to be and how I want to live. I choose to stay true to myself and my beliefs despite those who don’t believe in me or my passions.

MSC: What is it that makes music so important to you?

Nicole: Music is something that has always been a part of me. I began with singing the “National Anthem” at my brother’s high school sports games when I was 10 years old. Shortly after I began singing for professional sports teams like the New England Revolution soccer team, the New England Patriots, Celtics, Boston Red Sox, and NASCAR. Eventually I wanted to do something more than just the National Anthem. I decided I wanted to become a recording artist so I could share the passion I have for music with the world and feel that incredible feeling you can only get from performing. I had a voice coach that introduced me to my manager and we have been working together for about 5 years now. I currently have an INCREDIBLE TEAM I work with who not only believe in me and what I can do but encourage and teach me along the way.

MSC: What do you want most out of your music career?

Nicole: First, I cannot wait until my music is being played on repeat! I hope the message I am able to communicate is that everyone should feel confident in who they are no matter what, and should not feel the need to follow trends to be cool or liked by others. They should never feel the need to use photoshop to feel pretty or fit in – I want everyone to love themselves first. I also hope my music will make people believe in themselves  no matter where they come from. I want everyone to feel empowered and feel like they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

MSC: What has been the hardest moment in your career so far?


Nicole: There have been many times when people I have worked with have given up on believing in me or my career. This has made me work harder and become stronger in that I believe that I can achieve all my dreams. I refuse to quit or to let anyone bring me down. One time I had a music producer actually ask me what I really wanted to do with my life, it was as if they thought my dreams were impossible. I choose to use moments like that as education and fuel to keep me going. Those moments remind me that it’s NEVER time to give up on myself.

MSC: Who are some women you could consider your “design the life you love role model”?

Nicole: I have many role models in music but a few of my favorites would be, Carrie Underwood, because of her extraordinary talent – she is incredibly humble, giving, and a family oriented person. Demi Lovato, because of her talent and how she stays true to herself – she uses her platform to give back and help make a difference in the world that goes beyond music; she spreads awareness for issues such as depression, bullying, and addiction… All things she has struggled with but does not hide from.

Zendaya is a great role model because she acts, dances and sings – she is someone I can look up to because she has worked hard to achieve similar dreams as mine.

The woman who inspires me most in the world is my mother. My Mom has accomplished so much in her life and became so independent at such a young age. I strive to be like my Mom more than anyone else.

MSC: What would you tell girls who want to design the life and career they love?

Nicole: The best advice I could give is to never doubt yourself or your dreams – they are yours and no one else’s. They will only come true if you believe in yourself and work hard to achieve them. You are never too young to dream so why should you feel that you are too young to start working on them and making those dreams come true? The sooner you start working on making those dreams come true, the sooner it will happen!!

MSC: Tell us about what you’re up to! We’d love to support your dreams.

Nicole: Recently, my music was featured in a movie called “Bernie the Dolphin.” I had the opportunity to be able to sing the opening and closing song in the movie. The song was also featured on the movie’s soundtrack. I’m also filming another movie called “Running Waves” and working on that soundtrack this spring.  There is always something going on, whether I’m recording, writing music, at a dance rehearsal, performing at a concert or acting in a movie… I am always busy. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m designing the life that I love each and every day!


Nicole Michelle