#GirlCode | Meeting the Designers: Tatiana

Tatiana, tech student.

Tatiana, tech student.


Tatiana Mangram Rock

College/field of study

City University of New York, B.S. in Computer Science

 Career aspirations

I would like to pursue a creative technical career. I see myself starting off in user experience, enhancing the way people interact with their products, and then follow my entrepreneurial interest and eventually help my Mom build and run a school for girls.

 Why did you get involved with MSC?

The mission behind MSC and Lisa’s dedication to the brand and being an active participant in supporting young women.

Favorite Part of Design Hackathon event

I appreciated the concept of bringing girls from different backgrounds, collaborating, and tying the project to each girl’s personal strengths or interests. In this case, it was a mix of technical, design and business savviness.

How and why you think MSC can and will change the lives of girls everywhere?

MSC provides opportunities for marginalized communities and gives young women a platform to have a voice, value and purpose.

Where do you see MSC in 5 years?

In communities locally and abroad – still living out the mission as they are today, but impacting thousands more (possibly even organizing their own global conferences). So much can change in six months, I’m sure that big things are coming in five years!

How does it make you feel to see the design you’ve created launch nationwide in a major retailer – a place where people you’ve never met will be able to buy your product and be inspired!

It makes me feel great! I hope it inspires women to feel fly and empowered.

What would you like to say to the Executive team at Verizon for selecting your design and selling it in their stores/online?

Thank you! I’m very thankful! They made the right decision. I think it’s amazing that Verizon chose such a unique project to partner with MSC. Their involvement shows so many young women that their ideas and talents are valued by large brands.

What would you like to say to the judge (Zac Posen) who selected your design? How would you like to see him support the phone case? (i.e. photo on Instagram, etc)

I know he obviously has an eye for fashion and I appreciate that he considered our design.

I would like to see the phone cases displayed in stores, online stores, magazines, product placement ads and across social media. Young women are always watching. Also, the design is diverse and so is his target audience, so its visibility wouldn’t be limited to just young women.

 Who would you LOVE to see carry/promote your phone case?

I would love to see Yara Shahidi (& cast of Grownish) tote it. As well as Janel Monae, Marley Diaz, Cardi B, Beverly Bond, Michelle Obama, and Oprah!