#GirlCode | Meeting the Designers: Melanie

Melanie, business student.

Melanie, business student.


Melanie Greene

College/field of study

I have a B.S. in Information Technology with a focus in Web Design and Digital Media; Minor in marketing from Pace University.

Career aspirations

I am a proud first generation college student and I hope that with my current position as a User Experience Designer in Silicon Valley, along with my future education, I will be able to give back to my community and help create a better future for its children.
My family and professors encouraged and inspired me to be the woman that I am becoming, and so I hope to be able to share their love and courage with those I meet. I am passionate about mentoring others and I hope my future is bright with more opportunities so that I can share my experiences.

Why did you get involved with MSC?

MSC empowers women to embrace who they are, to challenge themselves, and to reach their fullest potential.

MSC sets the tone for future generations of women to come – they are paving the way for the future. MSC is changing the perception and face of the STEM field. Together, we are making a difference so that the young women of tomorrow can see the women before them successfully pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We are designing the lives we love for ourselves and for other women.

What did you love about the Design Hackathon event?

I loved the concept of the design hackathon – to encourage more female participation in the STEM field by designing a phone case. The Dean of the Seidenberg School at Pace University made me aware of the competition and encouraged me to be a part of it – I am so thankful he did!

How and why you think MSC can and will change the lives of girls everywhere?

MSC provides mentorship, job shadow opportunities amongst different industries, and encouragement for women everywhere. With this support and drive, MSC helps shape the future for young women despite their career goals. It is imperative that career opportunities are shared with girls in school so that they can understand what kinds of careers are out there. This is the time where we should be exposed to the endless possibilities that exist.

Where do you see MSC in 5 years?

Touching every corner of the globe! I would also love to see MSC’s presence at the Grace Hopper Conference. It is a perfect event to share their purpose and passion.

How does it make you feel to see the design you’ve created launch nationwide in a major retailer – a place where people you’ve never met will be able to buy your product and be inspired!

It is absolutely unreal! When I was younger, I was interested in becoming a fashion designer. I was a big video game geek (I still am) and I am a tech nerd. As unlikely as it may have seemed, it’s happening, and this is a dream come true. I know that I will shed tears of joy opening up my first phone case and when I see them in Verizon stores nationwide. I will definitely tell my children and my grandchildren about this. I am very honored and I am grateful that I got to work with incredible women in the field of design and technology on this project.

What would you like to say to the Executive team at Verizon for selecting your design and selling it in their stores/online?

I don’t think I can say thank you enough times to let them know how much this means to my team and to myself. Not only are you impacting our lives, but the lives of young women everywhere. You are helping us inspire young women to be bold and confident in pursuing careers in STEM. You are helping us change the perception and face of STEM. Everything indicates that this will be a successful product for Verizon. We applaud Verizon for taking this product to market.

What would you like to say to the judge (Zac Posen) who selected your design? How would you like to see him support the phone case? (i.e. photo on Instagram, etc)

It is an absolute honor for me because fashion and culture help me identify who I am. This phone case will help others identify career paths and skills that they can use so to create a life that they love. It is gratifying to have Zac’s support and encouragement. It would be great to see Zac Posen create a signature product with our case.

Who would you LOVE to see carry/promote your phone case?

It would be a dream to have Oprah, Ellen, and Michelle Obama promote our phone case. They are women of strength that I, and millions of other girls, look up to.