#GirlCode | Meeting the Designers: Nadia

Nadia, fashion design student.

Nadia, fashion design student.


Nadia Marjanovich

College/field of study

Parsons School of Design, BFA in Fashion Design

Career aspirations

I hope to have a career that leads me down many different roads! I am passionate about art, all types of design, and I have a heart for helping people – especially young girls! It would be a dream of mine to travel the world as an art consultant for buyers and sellers, and to one day own my own gallery. I also hope to have a career in Jewelry Design and Fashion Design; linking design with outreach for community.

Why did you get involved with/love MSC?

I got involved with MSC because it was a great opportunity to connect with a community of young, smart, creative girls in NYC!

I love MSC for all of the positive energy it brings to the world through creative projects, community, and inclusivity! Lisa has developed such a wholesome platform for young girls and I am so lucky to be a part of it.   

What did you love about the Design Hackathon event?

I loved that the Design Hackathon was collaborative and that we didn’t know our team members prior to the event. It was great to dive into the project and make new connections and friends at the same time. It was also a great chance to work creatively on a large project – I am so pleased and excited with what we have developed!!

How and why you think MSC can and will change the lives of girls everywhere?

By setting positive examples, MSC has the power to change the lives of girls everywhere. The scope of our project is so inspiring, and I know that with continued persistence, MSC will continue to make a huge impact in girls’ lives all over the world.

Where do you see MSC in 5 years?

In the next five years, I see MSC trippeld in outcome! I see us taking on huge projects together and really making an impact on the world.

How does it make you feel to see the design you’ve created launch nationwide in a major retailer – a place where people you’ve never met will be able to buy your product and be inspired!

It is such a fulfilling feeling to know that what we created is playing a role in changing lives and inspiring other girls! This phone case is designed to be a positive reminder to girls, a source of encouragement, and it’s super cute!!  I never had imagined myself being involved in something like this, let alone having a design launched nationwide!! This whole process is inspiring to me, because it has allowed me to do something that I never thought I was capable of doing, or designing, or creating with such a positive outcome.

What would you like to say to the Executive team at Verizon for selecting your design and selling it in their stores/online?

Thank you so much to the Executive Team at Verizon for selecting our design! It means so much to me that you believe in what we have created! I hope that this project meets great success and brings more opportunities in the future!

What would you like to say to the judge (Zac Posen) who selected your design? How would you like to see him support the phone case? (i.e. photo on Instagram, etc)

Thank you so much, Mr. Posen, for believing in our design! I truly feel honored to have received your vote in selecting our case! This project has such a valuable message, and we are trying to spread this message on Instagram and other internet/social sites! It would mean so much to me and our team to have your support on Instagram to further this campaign! This phone case might be the perfect accessory to finish off one of your outstanding looks!

Who would you LOVE to see carry/promote your phone case?

I would love to see Rosie Huntington-Whiteley supporting our case. As well as Karlie Kloss, who has amazing reach and such a big heart for young girls. Karlie Kloss would be the perfect candidate to promote because she runs an organization called Kode With Klossy. She is passionate about young girls leading in the tech industry. I’ve looked up to her for awhile now, and she is truly a positive leader to our generation.