From Campus Rep, to MSC Intern 💕 Introducing Elle


Hello lovely!! My name is Elle Coffman and I’m the PR and marketing intern at My Social Canvas. I was a campus rep for three years prior to this position. Currently, I work closely with the campus reps, attend events within the company and the companies we partner with, work behind the scenes on future projects, and am always brainstorming new ways to reach out to others and grow My Social Canvas!

In junior high, I was a Fashion Ambassador for Nordstrom. Lisa (CEO) visited various Nordstroms to promote My Social Canvas and also reached out to other Nordstrom Ambassadors on social media, one of them being me!! I posted a picture for a style campaign Nordstrom was promoting and I received an encouraging comment from MSC and wanted to get more involved, so I emailed the company, set up a call with Lisa, and the rest is history!

Growing up I knew I wanted a career in fashion, and always desired to work for a company that had a greater purpose in the industry than just designing and selling clothing. I was always passionate about helping others and inspiring them to follow their dreams, so when I heard about My Social Canvas, I wanted to get involved in any way I could! I always had an inner excitement that I had never felt before when I worked on a project, or dreamed of future projects, with this company. I knew I was doing what I loved and wanted to spread that spark to everyone around me. The fact that this company gives the opportunity for girls to design the products we sell, receive scholarships, mentorship, and a positive community of ambitious woman, is such a beautiful thing.

I recently graduated high school and moved to NYC a week after my graduation to intern with My Social Canvas. I feel like I’m already working my dream job, in my dream city, and I’m only 18 years old! I’m not saying this to credit myself, but to inspire and motivate you. Getting here wasn’t an overnight success, it took about six years to fully develop my dream into a reality. My interests in a fashion career began in 7th grade, and then started to really develop when MSC reached out to me. I continued to follow my passion and worked diligently for the rest of my high school career, which developed into this internship. In between those years, I stayed active with MSC, built a relationship with Lisa, continued to learn about the fashion industry as a Nordstrom Ambassador, was very involved with fashion experiences in NYC, started a fashion club at my school, and created my own clothing line. These experiences took a lot of time, hard work, and dedication, but I did it because it’s what I loved and it led me to where I am today. My advice to you would be to find out what you love to do, work hard while doing it, and the opportunities for college and your future career will fall into place!

It is so important to discover what motivates you everyday. Music has always been something that gets me focused and in that “girl boss” mood. I love listening to “Unbreakable Smile” Tori Kelly, “Brave” Sara Bareilles, “Lovely” Sara Haze, “Scars To Your Beautiful” Alessia Cara, and “All He Says I Am” Kari Jobe. These songs remind me that I am a strong woman and am capable to design the life I love. I believe God has an amazing plan in store for our lives, and places unique passions in our heart. I challenge you to find what sparks your passion and incorporate it into your everyday life!

I am not only inspired by music, but woman who are living out what MSC stands for! I’d love to see Michelle Obama (former first lady), Oprah (entrepreneur and philanthropist), Tori Kelly (singer/ songwriter), Jessica Alba (actress and founder of Honest Co), Sadie Robertson (Christian influencer and reality TV star), Bobbie Houston (co-founder of Hillsong church), Sophia Amoruso (author of Girl Boss and entrepreneur), and Cassey Ho (creator of Pop Pilates) be a part of our mission to help girls design a life and career they love! These women are my role models and I aspire to be like them! It would be a dream to work on a project together to provide education and mentorship for girls across the nation! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for My Social Canvas!

If you want to join our community email me,, and I’d love to share more about how you can be involved!