Lattes with Laura (MSC's Business Development Manager!)

 Laura Parker, our Business Development Manager in Sydney, Australia (November, 2017) 

Laura Parker, our Business Development Manager in Sydney, Australia (November, 2017) 

How did I get here? That’s a question that can’t be adequately answered without a proper sit down and a cup of coffee, one that’s actually ½ vanilla almond milk (yea, I’m one of those people who like coffee with their creamer #ohwell). ;) So, imagine instead that we have chai lattes in hand, and are walking downtown Manhattan on the way to our lovely My Social Canvas office.

I suppose I could take you back to the beginning… Possibly not the VERY beginning, because that would be 26 years of details that just don’t need to be rehashed! Rather, I’ll take you back to the beginning of what is now known as my career.

During my time in undergrad, I worked for a socially conscious women’s boutique that lit the fire within me for making a social impact through the fashion industry. As a little gal, fashion had always intrigued and somewhat consumed me in the best way, but it wasn’t until my junior year of college that I realized I, Laura Parker (a southern girl from small-town USA), could represent a greater good while also beautifying it materialistically in the process. Some would call that a life altering revelation, and that’s exactly what it was. It was also during this time that I was engaged in a mentorship/leadership program, in which I was focused on mentoring college and high school women. To this day, that experience was one of the most fulfilling ventures I’ve ever embarked on! This season of life was one of the most rewarding, and was full of a series of moments that directed me towards, what I believe is, exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Following my college graduation, I quickly continued to get my Masters in Fashion Marketing in New York City at LIM College. I landed an internship at the kind of company I moved to NYC for – one focused on human rights, women’s empowerment, and broadscale social impact. This internship then led to a job, at which I became the Director of Sales and Marketing. During this time, I learned what it was truly like to start and run a business. I came on as the first, and only, female employee within a male dominated/founded company and was given the equal opportunity to flourish. I then realized that the world we live in, one which suggests women are underpaid and undervalued, could truly be reformed. I can proudly say that hires thereafter were predominately female with a ratio of 3:1.

At the end of 2017, I made the decision to transfer out of my role as Director and Sales and Marketing to pursue a career more solely focused on the empowerment of women. In January of 2018, I received an Instagram message (#DMforthewin) from Lisa Mayer, the lovely CEO and founder of My Social Canvas, regarding an opportunity to work on a project with her company. Through many conversations, which revealed our united hearts and visions for women in education, we decided to join forces in mission to empower women across the world to design the lives they love.

I can personally say that as MSC’s Business Development Manager, I’m truly designing this life into one I abundantly love. While combining my passions of mentorship, marketing, sales and account/relationship management, I have to opportunity to live out our company mantra for myself… and that, that’s a pretty special feeling. Although it looks like we’re out of time for now, if you’re reading this, I hope you know that you too can design the life you love…. and I’ll be right here waiting to do it alongside you!

(PS – Is your chai latte done yet? Because mine totally isn’t! Why not keep in the loop with what’s happening in your life so we can have a latte more conversations here.)

Xx, Laura