Rebecca Minkoff x Refinery29 Event

Rebecca Minkoff hosted an event where she chatted with Christene Barberich, the co-founder of Refinery29, about the trials and successes of starting a company. The discussion was held at the Rebecca Minkoff store in Soho, and Lisa and Hedy, the PR intern, were lucky enough to attend on behalf of MSC!

The conversation was so helpful for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to find the confidence to take risks and follow their dreams. Christene and Rebecca talked a lot about the fears they had starting out, the ways they stay grounded, the ways they continue to innovate, and the lessons they have learned from their failures. One specific quote Rebecca said about failure really resonated with us:

“Social Media makes everything look perfect and glossy, but there are risks everyday, and there are failures everyday… You’re gonna fail. And you’re gonna fail fast and fail hard. And then you’re going to pick yourself back up.” -Rebecca Minkoff

That’s so true! A lot of the time, the image put out into the public seems flawless and easy, but a lot goes on behind the scenes to make a company what it is. It involves a lot of falling down, but the most important part of growing and strengthening in business (or in life!) comes when you fall down and learn to get back up.

We loved the Rebecca Minkoff x Refinery29 event, and we learned so much and loved connecting with Christene and Rebecca. These two powerhouse women encourage us to keep pursuing our mission and making MSC the best it can be!

Our PR Intern, Hedy, with Christene of Refinery29.

Our PR Intern, Hedy, with Christene of Refinery29.