My Social Canvas is all about inspiring students to Design A Life + Career They Love! We also love companies that agree with us on the importance of mentorship. One company that really knocks this out of the park is Nordstrom.Nordstrom’s BP Fashion Board invites students interested in the business of fashion to get involved in their brand by attending monthly meetings and events where these students learn about fashion, merchandising, marketing, and business. Over the last year, we have attended several BP Fashion Board events where our Founder & CEO Lisa Mayer has participated as a guest speaker and mentor. We have even hosted in-store design events inviting Nordstrom customers  to design for a cause! We love the way that Nordstrom engages their local customers through giving back and we think it’s pretty cool that they are helping students design a life and career they love! 

Last spring, My Social Canvas asked the Nordstrom students to write down one goal for what they will do next year to design a life and career they love. We were blown away by their responses. These students are the next generation of change makers and we can’t wait to see them grow in the years to come!

What are YOU doing to design a life and career you love? Send us your comments or fill out the form above to share your own personal goal!