Fashion Blogger, Cornell Student, MSC Campus Rep

Fashion Blogger, Cornell Student, MSC Campus Rep

Sloane Applebaum is one of our fabulous MSC reps, and one of our favorite fashion bloggers! Her site, ChampagneGlitter, is a perfect blend of sartorial advice and college lifestyle posts. We sat down with this budding fashion powerhouse to learn more about her!

How did you get involved with My Social Canvas?

I met Lisa Mayer at Nordstrom in 2014.  I was a part of the Nordstrom B.P. Fashion Board, which is an internship program for high school students, and Lisa came to speak to us about My Social Canvas.  I really loved the brand message, and I connected with MSC on social media.  In October, Lisa reached out to me about the Campus Rep program, and it sounded like such an amazing opportunity, so I was very eager to get involved!

You’re studying Fiber Science and Apparel Design with a Business minor at Cornell University. How do you balance Business and Fashion?

I’ve never really thought of it as “balancing” business and fashion.  I think the two disciplines work really beautifully together.  Fashion, just like anything else, is a complex and diverse industry.  When most people think “fashion,” they probably think about designers and artists who create clothing, but there’s so much that happens behind the scenes.  Some people are great at writing, so they might work for a fashion magazine.  Others are very business-savvy, so they might pursue a career as a fashion consultant.  You can be a stylist, and put together gorgeous outfits for your clients.  Or, if you’re someone who enjoys research, you could be a trend forecaster! There are so many options! I’ve always loved playing dress up and shopping for special occasions, but I never once had any interest in being a fashion designer, so I figured fashion would just be my life-long hobby.  When my mother discovered that Cornell University offered a fashion major with a concentration in business and management, I realized I’d be able to pursue my passion in an academic setting, and I knew the program would be perfect for me!

Studying Fiber Science and Apparel Design has really opened by eyes to the myriad of opportunities that exist within fashion.  I think having a business minor is very important, not just for people interested in the fashion industry, but for everyone! No matter what you do in life, you need to understand basic business skills, such as accounting and marketing, so it’s very valuable to receive some formal education in that.  I’m still not sure what type of career I want to pursue, but I definitely want it to involve both business and fashion!

Your blog, is so fabulous! Where do you get the inspiration for all of your creative posts?

Thank you! I began my blog two years ago as a way to share my style with my friends and family.  I was actually inspired by a contest hosted by Nordstrom, in which B.P. Fashion Board members could apply to write for the Nordstrom Fashion Blog.  I decided to just start my own website, and see where it would take me!  At first, I drew inspiration from clothing I saw in stores and on celebrities.  Then, I started to do a few posts about my own outfits.  I would have my brother take pictures, and then I’d write a little paragraph about what I wore, where I was going, and how I made certain stylistic choices.  These were the posts that really started to get attention, so I shifted my focus from an informative site about fashion trends to a personal style blog.  

Now, I find inspiration from a lot of different sources.  Sometimes, I’ll see cute outfits in magazines or on other blogs, and I’ll try to recreate the looks.  I’m also very influenced by my love for color and art.  Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, both abstract expressionists, are two of my favorite artists, and a lot of their work involved playing around with color combinations.  I try to incorporate that into my own style and my posts on my blog!  Most of all, I’m inspired by my readers.  My ultimate goal as a blogger is to share my style with others, and I always keep my audience in mind when developing new posts.     

You’ve been so involved with different groups on your campus, and have had some amazing internships. Tell us a little bit about your experiences and involvement.

Prior to college, I interned at Nordstrom for two years, which was a very enriching experience.  I learned a lot about marketing, buying, trend forecasting, and other exciting aspects on the business side of fashion.  Since I began studying at Cornell, I’ve joined a lot of different groups on campus.  I work as a tour guide, which is the most amazing job because I get to meet prospective students and share with them my love for my school.  I also joined an a capella group, where I’ve made some really incredible friendships!  I’m a member of the Cornell Fashion Collective, which is a student-run organization that puts on an annual fashion show every April to showcase the work of fashion design students.  I also work on the styling and business teams for The Thread, Cornell’s fashion and art magazine.  Most recently, I’ve become involved with Careers in the Fashion Industry, a club that seeks to inform students about all the different career options available in fashion.  Right now, I’m working on creating a blog for the club so we can publicize upcoming events!  I’ve also been working with the Boston Consulting Group, thanks to one of my amazing fashion professors.  I’m helping a team that is developing a new fashion app.  I’m not sure how much I can actually say about the app before it’s released, but I can tell you that it’s a great idea and fashionistas are definitely going to want it!

I also work at a Tory Burch retail store, which has been the most valuable experience I’ve had thus far.  Working in retail has taught me things I would never have been able to learn in a classroom, such as patience, communication skills, and the importance of teamwork.  I also really appreciate my retail job because I get to see fashion from a different perspective.  In my classes, we frequently discuss why designers choose certain materials or why specific colors are popular.  We also look at the supply chain of a product.  We start at the product’s conception and follow it as it is produced, quality tested, and shipped to stores.  But, in a retail store, I get to experience the next step of the process.  I can see what products sell well compared to others and I can learn about fashion from the perspective of our customers.  For example, when I’m helping a customer find a pair of shoes, she might complain that the sandal she really wants is too narrow and doesn’t fit her foot.  This is something you can’t learn from reading a textbook.  In fashion, it’s so important to respond to the needs of consumers, and I’m lucky that I’ve been able to experience this first-hand.

What is your favorite item in your closet?

I have this pink and green tweed jacket from Talbots, and I really don’t wear it often (I think I’ve only worn it twice), but I’m obsessed with it.  It’s the only piece of clothing I wouldn’t allow my college roommate to borrow from my closet (not that she wanted to) because it’s so precious.  It’s a little old-fashioned and not really practical at all. My friends say it looks like something Martha Stewart would wear.  When I look at it, I always laugh, and when I wear it, I feel like Coco Chanel… what could be better?

What advice do you have for aspiring bloggers?

Starting a blog is a huge commitment, but it’s also a wonderful way to express yourself! I would encourage anyone who is interested in blogging to pursue it!  At first, it is frustrating because it takes time to develop a unique writing voice, to decide what types of posts you want to write, and to get people to actually read your site.  But don’t let that hold you back from blogging.  It’s so rewarding when someone goes out of their way to tell you they enjoy reading your blog.  The Internet is an amazing platform that allows people to share and inspire, so take advantage of it!  Also, don’t forget to utilize social media, because it’s basically free advertising!

Rapid Fire:

Favorite Designers? Jeremy Scott, Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, and Olivier Rousteing.

Dream Vacation? My dream vacation would be to spend a week at the Palace of Versailles.  I visited Versailles two years ago, and I was only there for a few hours, but it was the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life.  I’d love to go back and have more time to take in the incredible architecture, history, and art that are found within Versailles.

Person you’d love to meet? Mindy Kaling.  She’s hilarious, inspiring, intelligent, and stylish!

Favorite food? York Peppermint Patties.

Summer beauty tip? Put away the makeup, and embrace your natural beauty!

Sloane is also the designer and inspiration behind the My Social CanvasConfidence is Always in Style collection, which will be available on the website soon!! 

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