From the Desk of Elle, a MSC Campus Rep


Hello beautiful ladies! 

My name is Elle Coffman. I'm a senior in high school from Ohio and the creator of ELLE BRAND. This is a feminine and chic clothing line that supports women and girls to design a life they love! My mom and I have a store front in our small town called Rust Decor filled with her repurposed furniture and my clothing line. When I created this line, I wanted to provide clothing that was affordable, good quality, and fashionable for my community. Not only that, but I was praying for an opportunity to give back to something that I loved. Right away, My Social Canvas (MSC) came to my mind. 

I have been a campus rep for MSC for 5 years and have had a lot of opportunities and positive experiences. I have been able to get involved in design campaigns that educate girls like me, inspirational social media campaigns to raise awareness for the cause, and I had the pleasure of meeting MSC's Founder Lisa Mayer in New York!

I love everything that MSC stands for and the opportunities we provide for girls to see how to be an amazing business woman first hand. This company has inspired me to help motivate the women in my community everyday.  I am so excited to carry a line of My Social Canvas t-shirts and the new Design the Life You Love subscription box filled with inspirational goodies along with my own line. I can't wait to see the impact they have on my customers! Also, 10% of my proceeds from ELLE BRAND will be donated to MSC's non-profit Design the Life You Love and will be used to help provide scholarships for girls across the country.

I truly believe My Social Canvas and Design the Life You Love will help change the world, but they can't do it without you! Join the MSC campus community and be part of the movement! 



MSC Campus Rep & creator of ELLE BRAND


MSC+GLAM Girls Club Design Competition

MSC+GLAM Girls Club Design Competition

My Social Canvas had the pleasure of visiting the GLAM Girls Club at a local school in Harlem this week. GLAM Girls is comprised of fifth grade girls, and GLAM stands for Girls Learning to Achieve More. We have previously visited the GLAM Girls club to tell them about our mission and connect with the members. MSC was so excited to be able to visit the girls again, this time for their t-shirt design competition!

Furla Earth Day Event

Furla Earth Day Event

My Social Canvas partnered with Italian fashion brand Furla to celebrate Earth Day 2017! Furla not only creates beautiful handbags and accessories, but The Fondazione Furla, started by Furla’s President Giovanna Furlanetto, supports emerging artists and designers and helps foster their growth and success. My Social Canvas and Furla connected over our shared commitment to aid young designers and artists and help them achieve their dreams!